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Surrey Stone Cleaning

When Surrey Stone Solutions decided that they were going to build a Stone cleaning business they set out to find the very best stone cleaning solutions available on the market. These investigations took them to Stonehealth, a company who have dedicated themselves to building bespoke brick and stone cleaning machines and who are now manufacture of the Doff and the TORC solutions. These two solutions are now recognised by English Heritage, Listed Building officers and Local Authorities across the land as being the primary specialist solution for all brick and stonework cleaning.

To become an Authorised DoFF user, Surrey Stone Solutions put everybody through the Stonehealth training course and all staff are now Rosette accomplished meaning that they have undertaken work to the highest standard and have been referenced by one of our clients.

Since then, Surrey Stone solutions have undertaken brick cleaning works in Roehampton, Wimbledon, Esher, Cobham, Central London, West London and the Ascot area to name but a few.

So why DoFF Cleaning?

As brick cleaning experts we understand that Jet washing a stone does little more than destroy the face of the stone leaving it pitted and rough. These areas are ideal for water to sit and Algae to grow which can easily turn into a fungi … How many times have you seen a beautiful Patio which has turned Green soon after being jet washed…. You have just created the algae circle of life when, no matter how many times you jet wash a stone the Algae comes straight back!!

The DoFF brick cleaning machine offers a completely new concept where …. Instead of blasting the stone with pressure and removing the fine particles on the surface, the stone is cleaned using 150 degree heat but at an extremely low Bar pressure. The outcome is remarkable as by taking this approach the face of the stone remains intact, algae and fungi are killed by the heat and the stone is deep cleaned… The Result: Clean, un-pitted and algae free stone which requires far less cleaning in the future.

Note: We rarely use any form of chemicals for DOFF stone cleaning except in very special circumstances.

So why TORC Cleaning

The TORC machine has been designed with one thing in mind, the removal of carbon. For many years the combination of Stone and brick has been used to build house none more so than in London. Traffic fumes are the nemeses of bricks and stones as, in these fumes lies a black carbon deposit which lands on buildings, sticks like glue and hardens. Heat will not touch this carbon once it has taken hold and the only way to successfully remove these deposits is via the Stonehealth TORC brick cleaning solution.

The TORC cleaning solution uses the combination of low pressure water and very mild abrasives (Crushed Marble) to break down this deposit. The action of the water is a vortex meaning that it spins in a circle and as it does so, the crushed marble mixes with the water to create an action powerful enough to break down the carbon deposit but not so powerful as to harm the face of the stone. Putting ones hand between the nozzle of the TORC and the stone would not be harmful.

The TORC brick cleaning solution is unique and there is no other machine on the market specifically designed to remove carbon deposits whilst minimising the erosion of the stone or brick.

Sealing the Stone

Once a stone is cleaned it makes sense to seal it and protect it from the elements. At Surrey Stone Solutions we use a sealer which is environmentally safe to plants and animals alike. Whilst these products come with a warrantee, the length of time they work for is very dependent on the elements. As such sealing a stone on a North facing wall tends to last less time than in a more protected area. Nevertheless we highly recommend that you take up the offer of stone sealing if it falls within your budget as it significantly increases the time between cleaning and protects your investment.

Our Testimonials

We have been developing house for the last 11 years and it is a given that we will be using Sean and his team. His work is exemplory and he always goes that extra mile to ensure that we get exactly what we want. First class

Developer in Ascot

The best around. The sort of guy you can turn your back on and be totally confident that the job will be completed to the highest standard

Developer in Weybridge

Great experience … clean tidy polite and delighted with the results. A pleasure to do business with

End user of Portico